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For more than 30 years, U.S. Pavement Services has been providing the most comprehensive and professional pavement maintenance and construction services in the industry.

Our philosophy has always been to provide the reliability and quality workmanship that our customers expect.

We guarantee that all jobs will be performed to the highest standards and meet your expectations.  When inevitable issues arise, we are fully committed to turning these into positive experiences.  For more than 30 years we have stood by this promise!

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Our educational section includes descriptions of common parking lot problems, best practices and articles for remedying these problems, and the evaluation criteria used to rate locations’ parking lot needs over time.

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CEO-Ready: Impact in the Social Sector

CEO-Ready culture is not just about the pavement industry.  This week, we are in Allston at Boston's leading after school and youth development organization - The West End House - with VP of Program Services Mark DaCruz. 

Mark discusses how the West End House career development program focuses on helping provide young people with the path and plan to be CEO-Ready for employment and internship opportunities.  The West End House is a leading year-round employer of teens in Boston and this program is expanding rapidly due to the depend for "West End House brand" young people: capable, confident, civically-minded youth ready to make an impact.  

What are the steps in the preparation process to help young people be CEO-Ready for their careers?  Mark explains how the House's program teaches young people the soft skills and intangibles necessary to be successful in the workplace and the community.  Ultimately, meeting kids where they are and helping each young person learn to recognize his or her high standard and the "best version of themselves" - all part of the West End House Expect More campaign.

Check out this fourth installment in our video series!  Join us next week, to explore more perspectives to the CEO-Ready concept!

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