U.S. Pavement Services Creates First Ever “Made in America” Campaign for the Pavement Industry.

At U.S. Pavement Services, we are very proud of our employees and the customer relationships we have built in our 30 year history.  Beyond this though, we are most proud to be Americans!

Made-in-AmericaWith this in mind, we have established the first ever “Made In America” campaign for the pavement industry.  U.S. Pavement Services has undertaken an initiative to buy only American made products, equipment, goods, and services.  Never before in this industry has a company committed to only Buy American – until now!  We are confident this program will help put more Americans to work and help make the United States more competitive.

The program was designed to identify the best suppliers and service providers throughout the United States, providing cost-effective American made products for the pavement industry.  From sealcoat to trucks to office supplies, the list comprehensively covers all purchasing needs with Made In America suppliers.

At the outset of 2012, U.S. Pavement Services unveiled this program in Memphis, TN to the pavement industry in front of hundreds of similar small businesses.  The energy and excitement was phenomenal.  Contractors from throughout the country were excited, energized, and inspired by this campaign.  U.S. Pavement Services distributed hundreds of copies of the “Pavement Contractors’ Guide to Buying American” to these contractors.

The momentum established in Memphis surrounding this campaign continued to similar conventions in Las Vegas and Charlotte, even leading to similar programs being developed in many other industries.  We are leading the way in ensuring contractors throughout the country commit to this initiative.  Our customers can take pride in knowing that all the equipment, vehicles, products, and services U.S. Pavement Services offers are Made In America.

To learn more about the Made In America campaign for the pavement industry, please email us or call 1-800-PAVEMENT (1-800-728-3636) today.

Watch the ABC News "Made in America" interview

U.S. Pavement Services Creates First Ever “Made in America” Campaign for the Pavement Industry.  Watch the ABC News interview with U.S. Pavement Services CEO – Mike Musto.