Geographic Coverage

U.S. Pavement Services is uniquely positioned to offer national coverage under one management and one brand. We self-perform all work in the northeast United States and boast a unique community of owner-operated companies that operate under the 800 PAVEMENT brand in a franchise-like concept.Network Member Map

We currently have 125+ employees and 220+ contractors working with the same level of quality, workmanship, safety, and professionalism throughout the country.  Furthermore, by self-performing our work and managing on-site, we are able to control the quality of work provided and understand the changing needs of our customers.

Process & Capabilities

Our approach at U.S. Pavement Services is based largely on where our clients need us most.  Our 30+ years of experience help shape our methodology to learning customer needs, understanding existing strengths, and leveraging our in-house capabilities to provide those most value-added solution to our clients.

From developing a complete and comprehensive parking lot program to participating in existing program RFPs, U.S. Pavement Services is positioned to meet clients where they are in terms of parking lot program development and sophistication.  We offer the following main elements to help participate in existing parking lot programs, augment developing programs, or assist in creating new programs:

Reactive or Repair/Maintenance

U.S. Pavement Services has the geographic reach and experience to provide immediate coverage and 24-hour response time for inevitable potholes or other liability issues that arise.  We are experienced in working with many facility management portals including ServiceChannel, WorkOasis, fmPilot, Corrigo, Maximo, Ariba, and more.

 ServiceChannel-Inc-Logo facilitysource
 WorkOasis  corrigo

Our process includes immediate response to work order requests; communication with the store-level as appropriate; and verified quality-control of all completed work.  Our dispatchers are all trained in the scopes of work performed to help provide store-level, district-level, and corporate-level leadership with the necessary information to stay ahead of any concerns.

We understand the need to meet and exceed service-level agreements (SLAs) and measure our own performance internally against key performance indicators on a daily basis.  Our entire organization is committed to a two-part goal: (1) no downtime to our customer store locations and (2) beating customer metrics with our own data measurement and performance.

Site Evaluation & Budget Creation

For evaluating your portfolio of sites to help assess immediate and long-term needs, U.S. Pavement Services helps you create a tiered system to establish annual budgets of parking lot needs.

We start by collecting on-site information including demographics (square footage, number of stalls, ADA elements) and short-term pavement and concrete needs.  A clear, easy-to-understand diagram of repair needs and pictures supporting recommendations is provided in an organized, web-based file system.  From there, we are able to present the data in a proprietary database that allows our customers to create tiers of locations, and therefore annual budgets for parking lot needs going forward.  All deliverables are easily shareable with colleagues, supervisors, or with procurement.

These deliverables and the store portfolio database is designed to help create a budget for a parking lot program but can also easily be used to establish a parking lot program RFP.

National Process Overview Animation

The U.S. Pavement Services team has extensive experience with a variety of national retailers, restaurant companies, convenience and fuel retailers, and many other segments.  Our dispatch model is designed to flex our capacity according to customer need – focusing on cross-training and adding resources to accounts of specific need as the volume of requests increase.  Our National Process animation video covers our unique process and ability to service reactive, planned maintenance, and capital needs nationwide.


Save time and money by building a tiered maintenance program

Download a copy of the April/May 2015 article featured in RFMA’s Facilitator magazine.

Capital & Project Management

U.S. Pavement Services has the internal resources and project management experience to be a top-performing and cost-competitive participant in your capital projects.  From assessment, bidding, and managing large projects to ensure capital improvements are planned properly and executed with minimal down-time to store operations, our team is familiar with the unique needs in retail paving.  We have the resources to ensure quick response and the experience to ensure inevitable issues are anticipated and avoided with proper planning.

Consulting & Third Party Oversight

U.S. Pavement Services also has a unique consulting offering.  Acting as an owner’s representative, we are able to be the value-added third party in creating RFPs, qualifying participating contractors, reviewing bids, and managing all aspects projects with 100% transparency and reporting to the customer.  All mark-ups and management charges are negotiated in advance with the customer, to ensure everyone is on the same page going into the execution of the bidding and production stages.  U.S. Pavement Services includes in-house, employees to oversee on-site to ensure specifications are met, materials installed are sufficient, and overall work performance is compliant.

Coordination, Delivery & Quality Control

At U.S. Pavement Services, our entire organization is built around ensuring we perform a top-quality job while staying close to invisible to our customers and to their customers/guests on-site.  We deliver on the promised level of service by way of organized pre-construction meetings, phasing plans, due diligence on municipality or other requirements for work performance, and tracking documentation of planning to quickly alleviate inevitable construction issues.

We understand that pavement and concrete work can be intrusive to store operations.  Our crews, project managers, and partners all are trained multiple times annually on a concept we call “retail paving” — Performing our work not in a vacuum but doing so on an active, open, and busy store location.  Our goal is perform our work to exceed quality expectations while not seeing any impact to store operations and store sales.

Our quality control steps help ensure we perform to these promises.  We have a 20-point project management review that includes elements of quality, aesthetics, traffic control and safety, store-level leadership satisfaction, and overall likelihood to recommend us in the future.  All of these points are measured and tracked to ensure the best performing crews and project managers are rewarded and that outliers are addressed quickly to guarantee necessary improvement.