Since 1985, U.S. Pavement Services has been providing the most comprehensive and professional pavement maintenance services in the industry.

Humble beginnings

The company was founded in 1985 as U.S. Sealcoat, Inc. by Mike Musto.  The primary focus at the time: providing sealcoating and crackfilling services for parking lot’s and driveways located throughout the North Shore area of Boston, Massachusetts.  Seeing a strong demand in the market for additional pavement related services, a paving division was established in 1994.

U.S. Pavement Services Paving Crew

Operating as U.S. Paving, Inc. a division of U.S. Sealcoat, the company continued to grow at a steady pace for the next 11 years.  During this period, additional crews, equipment, and service offerings were added and the company opened a second location in Hartford Connecticut.

Historical Timeline of U.S. Pavement Services

Timeline from U.S. Pavement Services founding in 1985 to 2018, created for our 9th Annual Network Night in Cleveland, Ohio.

1-800-PAVEMENT: A Number to Remember

In 2005, the company – now operating as U.S. Pavement Services had built a solid niche in asphalt-maintenance, while focusing largely on customers throughout New England.  Also in 2005 – Mike Musto, CEO of U.S. Pavement Services uncovered a way to broaden its scope on a national level.  It began when with the acquisition of the phone number 1-800-PAVEMENT.  This became an easy way for prospective customers to identify the business.  A major re-branding effort was launched that heavily promoted the number on the company’s trucks, job signs, and marketing materials.

National Support

The company subsequently acquired other telephone numbers from communications companies and other contractors — 1-800-SEALCOAT, 1-800-ASPHALT, 1-800-BLACKTOP, 1-888-PAVEMENT, 1-800-SWEEPING, 1-800-DRIVEWAY, and 1-800-BLACKTOP.  In 2010, it began licensing those numbers to other pavement contractors nationally to help them market and grow their own businesses locally operating under the 800 PAVEMENT Network brand, a franchise-like concept and extension of our crews throughout the United States.  This move has allowed the company to provide large retail and commercial clients with a single source for paving, concrete, and asphalt maintenance services for their properties nationally.

We currently have over 150 employees and 200 contractors working with the same level of quality, workmanship, safety, and professionalism throughout the country.  Furthermore, by self-performing our work and managing on-site, we are able to control the quality and understand the changing needs of our customers.

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