Why U.S. Pavement Service is your National Pavement Contractor Solution

USP_National_Comparison_CHARTAt U.S. Pavement Services we take the time to learn more about your needs beyond just an RFP or spreadsheet.  Throughout the process, from initial evaluation through final delivery of the job you are working with a trusted partner that has an understanding of your particular needs on site.  Superior service and providing outstanding value to our partners is the foundation of our 30+ year track record in the industry.  Because we know your people, your process, your brand and your needs on an intimate level, we can deliver at the highest standards of quality and customer service in the industry.  That commitment sets U.S. Pavement Services apart from the rest.

National Coverage/Local Knowledge

U.S. Pavement Services self performs all scopes in New England. It’s a clear and defining distinction from the broker model approach most national paving companies employ.  We have a knowledge base and expertise that can only come from doing the work ourselves. We live in this industry and know all the challenges that we must overcome to provide a successful project.  Our self-performing crews and exclusive partners across the country are all trained on the “retail paving” concept. It is our standards that must be met long before they are assigned to your properties.  In addition, we go well beyond “call center” project management with a team of PMs who visit sites in person and dedicated personnel in-house who are focused on successful outcomes for your project.

$1B in Collective Buying Power

Negotiated special pricing available as a result of our long-standing relationships with major material suppliers across the country allows us to pass that savings onto clients.  Last year alone our family of interconnected companies spent $1B collectively.  That buying power is unmatched in the industry.

Your Pre-Qualified Business Partner

As your pre-qualified business partner we are vetted, equipped and operational on your vendor portal, meeting all benchmarks and standards as required.  Ease of engagement and use are only one half of the equation, however.  We are familiar with your site managers because we meet them. We speak your company’s shorthand and share your values.  The personal connections formed over projects proposed, performed and completed over the years make us more of an extension, with your needs placed first, than any broker or standard vendor.


Save time and money by building a tiered maintenance program

Download a copy of the April/May 2015 article featured in RFMA’s Facilitator magazine.

National Process Overview Animation

The U.S. Pavement Services team has extensive experience with a variety of national retailers, restaurant companies, convenience and fuel retailers, and many other segments.  Our dispatch model is designed to flex our capacity according to customer need – focusing on cross-training and adding resources to accounts of specific need as the volume of requests increase.  Our National Process animation video covers our unique process and ability to service reactive, planned maintenance, and capital needs nationwide.