At U.S. Pavement Services, our team is working 24/7 to ensure our customers receive the highest level of service and the industry’s best finished product. We know that our work must not only be high quality, but also be performed without impacting our customers’ operations, tenants, and clientele.

This is a day in the life of the U.S. Pavement team.


12:00 AM

Framingham, MA


Night work is well underway at Target – Framingham, MA for the milling and prep crews. The milling machine scarifies or grinds the existing asphalt, with all its imperfections and brittleness, to prepare for new asphalt to be installed. This method allows our crews to be in-and-out within hours instead of days for a full-depth removal. And the cost reduction shows – usually around ½ the cost of full-depth reclamation.


3:00 AM

Centennial Drive

Peabody, MA


Crackfill crews arrive for an early start. Crackfilling is one of the least expensive ways to prevent pavement deterioration. The crackfill crews will arrive on-site to clean-out existing cracks and apply a compressed rubberized compound to band and seal the crack from further damage.


6:00 AM

USP Headquarters

Woburn, MA


By 6 am, the sun is rising and the crews are on the road. Over 150 crew members at U.S. Pavement’s Woburn facility alone will be out the door and headed to customers’ sites throughout New England. Our fleet at this location, of nearly 100 trucks, is rolling and headed your way!

sales meeting

7:00 AM

USP Headquarters
Woburn, MA

Sales Team

Our sales team sets aside time weekly to discuss and review our progress, our customer service, and ensuring that our entire team is keeping the promises made to our customers. On most other days, this team is out shaking hands and walking parking lots to give recommendations on the best way for our customers to get the biggest bang for their buck.


9:00 AM

Harbor Point Apartments
Dorchester, MA


The concrete crews have been on-site for a few hours now and the excavation/prep work is complete. Now it’s time for the pour. The fresh concrete has arrived on-site and we’re ready to install for a clean look of the new sidewalk area. Our concrete crews also specialize in curbing of all kinds, retaining walls, drainage structures, and other concrete exterior flatwork.


12:00 PM

Senior Living Apartments
Leominster, MA


We love asphalt. Our paving crews are well-underway by noon. The dump trucks are on a rotation to the asphalt plants, delivering hot mix to the site for our crews to install. Asphalt is the most recycled product in the world – every ton of asphalt our crews remove or mill is recycled into new asphalt. This crew is going to install nearly 1,000 tons today and they’re halfway there!


1:00 PM

USP Headquarters
Woburn, MA

Ops Team

By 1 pm, the progress of each crew for the day has become clear and the Ops team is ready to finalize tomorrow’s setup. In construction, things change frequently and our team can handle any curveball thrown. It’s all about communication. The team discusses potential issues, prepares the information for the crew, and ensures everyone is ready for turn-key dispatch come the morning.


3:00 PM

Industrial Warehouse
Chicopee, MA


The sealcoat team is wrapping up this parking lot’s new coating. Sealcoat is a great approach to not only protect your asphalt investment but also beautify the property. The coating protects the asphalt against oxidation, fuel, and other harmful materials. Our sealcoat teams are able to coat acres of pavement in a single day or night – no job is too big or too small for our sealcoaters!

line painting

6:00 PM

Hannaford’s Plaza
Taunton, MA

Line Paint

The sun is setting but our production is still in full swing. Our Line Painters are arriving at a property to perform their layout and painting overnight, to ensure no impact to the tenants and customers. The clean lines ensure proper traffic flow in the parking lot. Line Painting is truly the icing on the cake!

project management

9:00 PM

Charlotte International Airport
Charlotte, NC

Project Management

Arriving at the next job, our national Project Manager flies in to prepare for this week’s project. The Project Management team has overseen work in 32 states so far in 2017. This PM will be starting a new project at a busy retail plaza tomorrow – bright and early!

Since 1985, we have been committed to going above and beyond for our customers. We realize that pavement projects cannot impact the operations of the sites where we work. U.S. Pavement has the resources to deploy at the right time, day or night, to ensure we deliver successfully with reduced headaches and superior results.

Now it’s time to get some rest and go at it again tomorrow!