Milling, paving and striping a busy commercial plaza located in the heart of a densely populated city was the challenge on this Brixmor Properties project.  It required expert planning, precision phasing and professional execution in order to complete the job with minimal disruption to regular business operations.  For project manager Kevin Donovan this meant overnight milling, traffic and pedestrian control in a heavily traveled area and coordination of milling, paving and striping crews.

The milling operation, which was done overnight, allowed the paving crew to work one half of the lot, followed by line striping, while the other side served as access to the entire plaza during the day. That plan was flipped the following the day in order to pave and stripe the other half.

During the evaluation and bid process VP of Sales David Musto identifies the needed scopes and takes into consideration the particular requirements of the businesses and customers on site when the plan is created.  On-site, Project Manager Kevin Donovan confers with David and coordinates with the property manager ensuring that even the smallest details on these large, often complex jobs are not overlooked.  This internal coordination and communication led to a busy plaza being milled and paved with minimal impact to tenant/store sales and successfully executed project – a true team effort!

CLIENT: Brixmor


DATE: May 9, 2017

Services Provided: Milling, Pavement Markings, Paving