Entergy Nuclear operates the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, MA. The energy giant partnered with U.S. Pavement Services to mill and pave their lot specifically because of our experience with the federally mandated safety standards associated with a nuclear site. Despite a tight turnaround of only one week from initial inquiry to the start of work, safety standards were meticulously adhered to throughout. Everyone working on site was required to wear composite boots, hard hats, and safety glasses and attend daily safety meetings with Entergy personnel in compliance with federal nuclear power facility standards. Scheduling and phasing plans called for trucks to be staged off site and dispatched on an as needed only basis. A fluid and responsive execution plan allowed for constant employee access and exit at the 24 hour facility. The collective team effort from rapid response, to precise planning and execution, to completion on time while remaining federally compliant at every turn is a true testament U.S. Pavement’s commitment to excellence.

CLIENT: Entergy

LOCATION: Plymouth, MA

DATE: August 11, 2017

Services Provided: Milling, Pavement Markings, Paving